Survivor Through Counseling

I was first 19 years old when I became pregnant with my boyfriend during the time. I decided that I was not ready to become a mother, so I terminated the pregnancy. I did not feel much depressed afterwards as I knew it was an unwanted pregnancy. At the age of 21, I was in a very toxic relationship & it became to the point where I would just about anything to keep my boyfriend happy, then I became pregnant. Shortly after a month of pregnancy, he told me the baby wasn't his and would constantly use verbal abuse against me. I still remember the day waiting in the pre-op room, texting him, "Let's work this out and be a family" and I told myself if he replied, I would leave the abortion clinic immediately- he NEVER did. I woke up crying so much in the post-op room that the MD couldn't say anything because I felt like the biggest monster in the world. I really wanted to keep the baby but I knew, I couldn't. I was depressed in bed, thinking God will punish me, I am such a bad person, I couldn't go outside because I would see children and mothers. Then, came the day I went to my Ob-Gyn to receive a pap-smear, and as soon as I put my feet in the stirrups and looked at the white ceiling, I horribly cried and the MD said what is wrong and I explained to her, "This was the last position I was in before my abortion". That's when I knew, I needed help so for three years I went into counseling to help release any negative feelings I had about the abortion, myself, and to learn strategies to prevent myself from going back to my ex boyfriend. At times, I did relapse and went back to him, but after 3 years, I am a survivor and as a registered nurse, I continue to help others in need because I know exactly how it feels like to try and enter the light at the end of the dark tunnel. This is my story.

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  1. See the movie Voiceless --about abortions, shows 3 different scenes about abortion. 2015 I had a small speaking part in this film. When I was in the womb 1956 abortion was illegal. My mom and dad had been separated and because my father thought the pregnancy was from another man, he forced her to have an abortion..They did it in the alleys back then. My mom put poison in her in an effort to abort me because she wanted to please her man...women did that in those days, She had no intention of wanting to abort her fetus and so the poison didn't work and I was gifted life to be followed by many years of unacceptance by my parents. I wrote a book called Live Free-Recreate and Liberate Your Life. - I talk about Womb Abandonment. Anita DeFrancesco

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