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I’m going to tell my story backwards.. i know that may sound unusual but then nothing about my life has been” ususal.” i became pregnant with my ninth child, yes ninth child, one in heaven and eight on the earth, when i was 44.. He was a fairly easy pregnancy , but a week before…
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Broken Heart

My heart is broken. I live with the loss every day. What have I done. God please forgive me. This pain does not end. I pray that god will forgive my sins.
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It was four years ago and I regretted it right away because I had wanted the baby. It would have been my first. I had not enough support to bring a baby in the world alone and would have been hard on my family at home. I was not sure who the father was and…
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I am 26 years old and I recently had an abortion I was 11 weeks pregnant. At the time I thought I was making the right choice and now I regret it every single day. I thought about committing suicide a few times but I also have a beautiful 4 year old daughter and I…
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