Where do I begin. I have had 2 abortions. My second one landed me in a mental institution where I cut my wrist and tried to kill myself. Man I have been through hell people judging you just makes it worse and worse. People and their opinions just make me more suicidal. I still feel like hurting myself everyday because of these abortions. I can’t believe your daughter felt the same way as I did. I thought I was crazy to feel suicidal everyday because of this. But its killing me I feel like I have lost a child. And what people don’t understand is women feel so empty hopeless judged for doing this. We need someone to talk to without being judged as if anyone is GOD. I really need help im at the end of my ropes. All I could think about is hurting myself every time I think about my baby. I can still see and remember the pictures of my unborn baby. Will this guilt ever go away. Tears comes out my eyes about your daughter, because I was almost there and am struggling day by day. When I had my second abortion I was 3 months, rite after I did it that’s when I became suicidal. Its just too much and that’s what people don’t understand. Some days it just gets overwhelming. Why do I deserve to live when I can’t even allow my child to live?