I sat down to read the newspaper on this bright and sunny Sunday morning and discovered the story of Stacy. I am a 43 year old mother of 3 teenagers and I tote around my own history of abortion. When I was 16, I became pregnant and on Valentines Day, my parents (who were kept in the dark until that day) took me to an abortion clinic. They were on a mission to "get it over with." I never recieved the emotional support that I should have been entitled to. I felt like a non-human. It de-personalized me. With no guidance, I became a poor decision maker, reckless and depressed. Many years later, I discovered therapy and it placed my life on a healthier course. It took almost 20 years to rediscover and heal myself. As a mother of 2 daughters and a son, I work diligently to offer them the support they need to develop into healthy individuals. What I find sad is that we are a wealthy country, but poor in the support department. These girls need to be embraced with understanding. I am pro-life because I believe in life. I am not pro-abortion. I believe in choice. I am a full time Graduate student and active supporter of environmental issues. I will always make time to help a cause that needs nurturing. let me know if I can help!