I'd never heard of your organization until I saw your billboard on I-95. I went online to find out more about your organization, and I find your website easy to navigate and very informative. I am deeply impressed with the unbiased, unconditional support you provide to women in this situation. I applaud you for the work you are doing. I am happy that your organization exists. I'm a physician and have often seen depression and other psychiatric problems in women who have aborted. It is truly amazing that our society won't even let us talk with women about this possible consequence of an abortion. Having been terminated from a large medical school on the West Coast only because I refused to do abortions, I can tell you that those of us who attempt to counsel put our livelihoods in jeopardy, be we pharmacists, nurses or other health personnel. This forced wall of silence is a part of the reason young women don't get a full picture of the risks and benefits of abortion before the procedure is done. (Most health care professionals counsel in a very non-threatening way,conscious of the fact that while a young woman must have all the facts, she should not be made to feel worse than she already does when confronted with such stress.) Best of luck in helping restore hope to women who still hurt so much.