I have reviewed your web page. I am so sad about Stacy. She was so young and beautiful. I had an abortion when I was 15 in 1982. I fought with depression, alone, for 12 years. I was going to take my life in 1994, but when I started asking God questions about my past and pain, he healed me. I understand that she couldn't talk to her family about the abortion, because until we have dealt with all the pain and forgiven ourselves, we cannot even pronounce the word abortion. I talk about my experience whenever I get the chance, hoping to reach other young women experiencing the same pain or who are thinking about abortion. Even though I am healed, I live with the abortion every day of my life. I can never forget my baby whose life I took. May the Lord bless you for reaching out to save other women suffering in silence when your own pain must be so great.