I really want to thank you for having the courage to take an unbiased stand and just offer help to those in need of it. I am the mother of a 15 month old and the day he was born, I found myself saying "how could anyone abort a child like this?" Then 6 short months later I found myself pregnant again, and living paycheck to paycheck, concentrating all my time on my child. My husband and I agonized with the decision to abort up until the time it was performed. I still feel as if only someone had said something I would not have done it. It was, and still is the hardest choice I have ever made. I feel guilty everytime I see a pregnant woman, a newborn baby, or hear of a couple desperately wanting a child of thier own..not to mention the protesters who hover around the local hospital. But, I know that ultimately it has to be the right choice for me. It would not have been fair for that child to come into such a chaotic world, where he/she would be living in poverty. Thank you again.