I just found out about your organization and am so thrilled to hear about all you are doing to help women deal with post-abortion stress syndrome. I only regret that it is because you have lost your daughter that this organization came into being. You see, I suffered for 23 years from multiple abortions before getting help. I, too, despaired of life. It is only by the grace of God that I am alive today. I suffered from depression, anxiety, alcoholism, eating disorders and more until I heard about post-abortion stress syndrome and got help. That was 11 years ago and my life has changed dramatically for the better. So much so that a friend and I have started a ministry for post-abortive women. We facilitate a 10 week Bible study where the women learn to face the details of their abortions, find forgiveness from God, and give forgiveness to themselves and those involved. The outcome is phenomenal and it is a blessing to witness the broken made whole again. Please know I am doing everything I can by sharing my testimony at conferences, on TV, in churches and to everyone I can that abortion hurts women. I will pray that many women will find help through your organization.