Thank you for this website. I am 39 years old now but when I was Stacy's age, I was in the same place. I had an abortion, shortly after tried to take my life. For some reason I lived but hated myself for years. I lived in mental torture. I know that from where I was at the time, I was filled with shame, guilt, embarrassment, hatred in myself, disappointment, and extreme sadness. I thought I had no other answer. Before I had the abortion, I did not want not want to be embarrassed, was afraid to tell my parents, and thought I had no other option. I could not live with the fact that I was pregnant, but then I could not live with myself after I had the abortion. If I had a place like this website to come after I had my abortion, I would have had the resources to better deal with my pain. It seems there are a lot of resources if you are pregnant, but aren’t any if you already made the choice to abort the baby. If perhaps one person at the abortion clinic would have given me some indication that there was place for help and support to deal with my decision, I would not have felt like I was a disease. I have passed the Stacy Zallie billboard on 95 every day and have been curious about this site and decided to visit and I am so glad that I did. Thank you for all you are doing for girls post abortion. There is much judgment about abortion and that leaves girls only very limited options. Because of the judgment, girls (I) lived in silent pain. I hope to see more billboards and signs outside of abortion clinics and all over. I am sorry that this wonderful website with resources was created as a result of such a great loss but I am thankful that good can come from Stacy's death. I will pray that the word is spread about this site and for all the girls who will walk out of the doors of abortion clinics thinking they have no hope. Thank you.