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The Stacy Zallie Foundation’s sole purpose is to facilitate the post-abortion wellbeing and happiness of women, while providing resources for help with post abortion depression. The foundation recognizes and respects various and contrasting views on the subject of abortion, but exists to help women in need through abortion counseling and post abortion care and does not operate with religious, ethical, or political agendas in mind. We are here to help women coping with abortion by connecting them to after abortion care, counseling and depression help. Learn more about after abortion care, post abortion counseling, and abortion support groups in our resources section.

Regardless of your beliefs, an abortion can result in emotional pain and trauma. Post abortion care is needed to mitigate these risks and consequences. Our mission is to provide women with a safe, supportive environment to share their grief and get the after abortion care and post abortion counseling they need to move on and life a happy and healthy life. The Stacy Zallie Foundation was founded in honor of our daughter, Stacy Zallie, who at age 20 was the victim of a coerced abortion, which violated her personal, moral and spiritual beliefs. We believe that if Stacy had received the after abortion care and post abortion counseling she needed, then she would still be with us today.


The Stacy Zallie Foundation celebrates the existence of, among other other abortion counseling and abortion support groups.


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After Abortion Care & Counseling


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After Abortion Care & Counseling

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Stacy Zallie was a beautiful person who positively affected many people in her life. Her after abortion care foundation seeks to perpetuate her spirit and intentions to help people.