Yearly Archives: 2018

Feeling Empty

I was 19. I was in a toxic relationship that a few months after the abortion turned abusive. I am positive I made the right choice but every now and then I feel so empty inside. My sister got pregnant a couple weeks after I did. I now have a beautiful niece and she is…
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Turn Back Time

I was around 9 weeks when I had the abortion. My boyfriend and I at the time decided to have it because we were still too young and we had no way of raising a child on our own. I wanted to keep my baby so badly but I was scared of what our families…
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I Feel Terrible

I was 8 weeks pregnant. I wanted a baby so bad. My boyfriend and I would always talk about us wanting a baby, but when it finally happened I freaked. I was too afraid of my parents. I didn't feel ready, I have nothing to offer a child and I already am a single parent.…
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