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Your website is so amazing. It is nothing like I have ever seen and am so glad I came across it. (I saw your billboard on 95 today) I suffered with the emotional pain of abortion for 20 years. Depression, suicidal thoughts... I was able to resolve my issues, finally, through therapy but wish there had been the love and care you offer through this site back then. I am so sorry for the pain of your loss. It is a wonderful thing you have created out of a tragic event. For all the girls/women this comforts, thank you.

I am a post abortion woman who suffered in silence for 36 years. Bless you for what you are doing in your daughter's name. You are bringing great honor to her life and her death.

My local newspaper emailed me a copy of your article about Stacy. I too am post abortive and have two suicide attempts in my past. In 1983 I aborted my oldest child and understand the pain. Because I am located in Texas and your article has reached me all the way down here, I would like to suggest that you contact and add Ramah International to your Faith Based Counseling section. I am, by the way, a Pastor's wife who is reaching out to the hurting with my story so that more women like me, and your daughter, can know that there is hope and healing after the loss of their child. Thank you for considering my suggestion.

I appreciate your site and the work you are doing. Having counseled women who have had abortions, I know much help is needed in this area. Keep up the good work.